12844240023_751d60cdea_zCatch the Best of DC Shorts!

Did you miss the 2014 DC Shorts Film Festival — or just want to catch up on the top jury and audience picks? Enjoy two unique showcases feature award-winning films the largest short film event on the East Coast, Washington City Paper’s Reader’s Pick for Best Film Festival, and Coolest Short Film Festival by Moviemaker Magazine.

Schedule of Events

Two shows, both showing two nights:
Fri., Feb. 20, 2015 — 7:30pm (show A) & 9:30pm (show B) Buy Tickets
Sat. Feb. 21, 2015 — 7:30pm (show B) & 9:30pm (show A) Buy Tickets

Show A - Fri, Feb 20 @ 7:30pm and Sat., Feb. 21 @ 9:30pm Buy Tickets

What Cheer?

19 minutes | Comedy | USA | Director: Michael Slavens
WINNER: Filmmakers’ Favorite

Struggling to overcome the death of his wife, a man is tormented by a cheerful marching band that follows him seemingly everywhere.

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6 minutes | Animation | USA | Director: Bernardo Britto
WINNER: Outstanding Animated Short

With the end of the world right around the corner, a man is asked to write the final pages of recorded human history.

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Between Walls

13 minutes | Comedy | Norway | Director: Christina Lande

A family tries to hide their smoking habits from each other until it becomes a problem they can’t ignore.

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Business Usual

10 minutes | Drama | Germany | Director: Lenn Kudrjawizki

Passengers on an airplane struggle to stay grounded when an Arab man boards the flight.

One-Minute Time Machine

6 minutes | Comedy | USA | Director: Devon Avery

Hoping to impress a pretty girl, a nerdy scientist shows off his one-minute time machine.

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7 minutes | Comedy | USA | Director: Brett Weiner

A lawyer becomes enraged with a public servant who is unable to answer questions.


4 minutes | Comic Drama | Germany | Director: Karolis Spinkis
WINNER: Outstanding First-Time Director

A couple seeks to change the world with, of all things, shoelaces.

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He’s a Fighter

7 minutes | Documentary | USA | Director: Oliver Contreras
WINNER: Outstanding Local Film

Born prematurely to a drug-addicted mother, an honor student rises above his circumstances to become an undefeated boxer.

Lambing Season

15 minutes | Drama | USA/Ireland | Director: Jeannie Donohoe

A woman searches for her father and learns about life, forgiveness and also how one must deal with family problems.

Show B - Fri, Feb. 20 @ 9:30pm and Sat., Feb 21 @ 7:30pm Buy Tickets

The Gunfighter

9 minutes | Comedy | USA | Director: Eric Kissack

A gunfighter walks into a saloon, but the film’s voiceover has other goals in mind.

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15 minutes | Drama | Belgium | Director: Kevin Meul
WINNER: Outstanding Live Action Short

Pushed by his coach/father, a young runner eventually lashes out at the least expected moment.

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The Silly Bastard Next to the Bed

9 minutes | Documentary | United Kingdom | Director: Scott Calonico
WINNER: Outstanding Documentary Short

A retired Air Force officer realizes he was at the center of a huge political scandal during the Kennedy administration.

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My Milk Cup Cow

11 minutes | Animation | Japan | Director: Yantong Zhu

Reflecting on her youth, a woman recalls stories of her father.


10 minutes | Drama | Spain | Director: Miguel Parra

The job of a collections agent suddenly becomes personal and causes her to reevaluate the humanity in her profession.

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The Chaperone

14 minutes | Animation | Canada | Director: Fraser Munden
WINNER: Festival Programmer’s Choice

When a motorcycle gang crashes a school dance, there’s only one person who can restore order: the chaperone.

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They are Last

4 minutes | Documentary | Spain | Director: Diego Vivanco
WINNER: Special Jury Mention for Excellence in Storytelling

A day in the life of a lighthouse keeper on a remote cape off the Uruguayan coastline.

This is Me

6 minutes | Documentary | USA | Director: Jasper Colt
WINNER: Special Jury Mention for Importance in Storytelling

Balinda shares her story of how medical marijuana has changed her life.

Love Notes

16 minutes | Drama | Australia | Director: Leo Baker

Two blind neighbors discover each other through a shared musical interlude that shapes their path to happiness.

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U.S Navy Memorial Heritage Center — Burke Theater

701 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC

In the heart of Penn Quarter, the U.S. Navy Memorial Burke Theater 240-seat theater inside the Heritage Center offers pristine HD projection and unparalleled sound.

The U. S. Navy Memorial is located above the Archives/Penn Quarter Metro station. Exit the station, turn right and follow the curve of the sidewalk until you see the entrance. You must enter from the Plaza — there is no access from the 7th Street entrance.

While there is garage parking nearby, we recommend checking for the closing time — some lots shut down before the last show will end (11:30pm). Limited metered street parking is available.

There is a Capital Bikeshare rack a block away from the theater.